And new to the Cape next month: an open mic for classical music, which is subtitled “the micless open mic,” at First Parish Brewster Church... (Cape Cod Times - by Andrew Roiter, Jan 22, 2015

Who else will play is a surprise for everyone.

“Except for our featured performers, we don’t know who else will come to sign up and play until the last moment or an hour before our event, when our rehearsal with our collaborative pianist starts,” explains Woods, who was featured in March and was winner of the Cape Symphony’s 2013 Soloist Competition. (Cape Cod Times - Sound Choice, April 16, 2015)

An open mic for classical performers?

Open Mic Classical is spreading its wings and expanding its outreach. A special Open Mic Classical event, in collaboration with the Sandwich Arts Alliance and with the help of percussionist Amy Lynn Barber, will be held May 20, 2018 at 3 PM at Sandwich Town Hall.

The featured guest performer on May 20 will be Trio Vivo & Klarinetista: Bruce Abbott (saxophone), Mariellen Sears (flute), Lucy Banner (piano), and guest clarinetist Monika Woods. Collaborative pianist of the day will be pianist Ben Healy. (Wicked Local - Snyder's Sandwich, April 20, 2018)


Open Mics are not just for pop Music

The afternoon welcomes “any level, any ages, no program in advance. It almost sounds like a recipe for failure, doesn't it? But instead you discover hidden treasures,” she adds in an email. Woods gives the example of one of the 11 people who performed in March: a woman who picked up the clarinet in her 60s. 

“Three years later, she is playing sonatas at our Open Mic Classical with so much passion and musicality.

What an inspiration!” (Cape Cod Times - Sound Choice, April 16, 2015)

“We have the open mic on the third Sunday of the month at three o’clock to encourage kids to come,” Woods explained, and the result, she said, is that the event is “intergenerational, with students of many teachers.”

Sometimes the performers like to spring fun surprises. At a mandolin and guitar concert, they offered some quotes from Shakespeare. At a performance of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue (Woods played that clarinet wail as the piece begins), they wore Twenties costumes.

Woods said that, with the open mics, she and others who love classical music “are taking action to make our own community” – and they welcome more people into it.

WickedLocalCapeCod by Ellen Chehey 05_16_2018

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Person of the week, Monika Woods at mvyradio (88.7FM), talking about Open Mic Classical (aka the mic-less open mic) in an interview made on February 18th, 2016


Transylvanian Clarinetist Makes a New Home for Her Music

To listen to radio interview with Monika Woods by Dan Richards, about Open Mic Classical aired April 10th, 2017 on WCAI radio 90.1FM 

Listen to WOMR interview with host Felice Coral talking to our co-founders: Bob Marcus, Monika Woods, and our guest performer of the month Christian Holleck. Special thank you goes to pianist Elizabeth Tipton, clarinetist Janet Atherton, and guitarist John Dirac, who helped us with the soundtracks.

Open Mic Classical on Arts Week with WOMR Radio Host Candace Hammond (September 28th, 2017)


Co-founder Monika Woods, and pianist Ana Glig (who was our feature guest performer on Jan 21st, 2018) talking with Felice Coral WOMR host from Caffe Classicale about their musical background on March 8th, 2018


For Photo Gallery of Open Mic Classical


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